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Diving Similan Island Phang Nga Thailand
Liveaboard Similan Island National Park Thailand

The Similans are considered among the best dive sites in Southeast Asia, comparable to the best of the Maldives and the Red Sea.
So spectacular are the coral reefs, massive boulders, profuse sealife, and powdery beaches that Skin Diver magazine ranks Similan as one of the world's top 10 dive destinations.

The Similans were declared a national park in the mid-1980s to protect them against dyna mite fishing and indiscriminate moorings that were quickly destroying the delicate reefs. The environmental damage is now under control and some say that the Similans are actually improving from the conditions of the previous decade.
Similan Island Phang Nga Thailand
Similan Island Phang Nga Similan Island Similan Island Phang Nga Thailand
Similan Island Phang Nga
The term "Similan" is derived from sembilan, which means "nine" in the Malay language. The Thais call the islands Ko Kao or "Nine Islands" in reference to the nine principal islands.

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Similan Island Similan Island Phang Nga Thailand Similan Island Phang Nga

Hotels & Resorts in Phang Nga, Thailand

Hotel Name Location Start Rate Breakfast Booking
Kho Khao Island Beach Resort Koh Kho Khao 35 USD Included Booking
Koh Kho Khao Resort Koh Kho Khao 29 USD Included Booking
The Tacola Resort & Spa Koh Kho Khao 51 USD Included Booking
Andaman Princess Resort & Spa Koh Kho Khao 62 USD Included Booking
Koyao Bay Pavilions Koh Yao Noi 125 USD Excluded Booking
Aleenta Phuket-Phangnga Phang Nga 238 USD Included Booking
Bor Saen Villa & Spa Phang Nga, Bor Saen 340 USD Included Booking
Kuraburi Greenview Resort Phang Nga, Kuraburi 19 USD Included Booking
Phang Nga River Lodge Phang Nga, Muang 41 USD Included Booking
The Hotspring Beach Resort & Spa Phang Nga, Natai Beach 84 USD Included Booking
Ranyatavi Resort Phang Nga, Pilai Beach 66 USD Included Booking